2 bld.1, Khodynskaya street, Moscow

Tuesday – Sunday 11.00-22.00
Monday – closed

Zotov Center

Bakery No. 5 named after V. P. Zotov (Moscow, Khodynskaya Street, 2) is a monument of constructivist architecture. It was built in 1931 and became the first of five Moscow bakeries created on the basis of the ring conveyor invented by engineer Georgy Marsakov.

The name of Vasily Zotov, People's Commissar, and then Minister of Food Industry, who acted as one of the main organizers of the construction of bakeries in Moscow, the company received in 1978.

Bakery No. 5 ceased its work in 2006, the building was recognized as an object of cultural heritage of regional significance. A new residential development is located around.

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